Development Specification

Solar Sharc® has demonstrated a combination of high water repellency (105° contact angle by sessile drop test) – an 80° improvement compared to unmodified resin, excellent resistance to abrasion 200 cycles Taber linear abrasion test CS8 abrasive compared to 50 cycles with no additive), long life (1000 hours damp heat test 85°C/85%RH with no loss of repellency – equivalent to 25 year life) and very high transparency Below is a technical overview of the optical and repellent performance of Solar Sharc® generation 1 (D15.G1.) This is early incarnation of the Solar Sharc® coating and demonstrates both the testing methodology and initial results.

Solar Sharc® G1 (D15G1) coated glass
Water Contact Angle
106.2 º
Diiodo Contact Angle
75.2 º
Abrasion resistance (100 cycles, CS10 wheel, 500*2 loading) − WCA after abrasion − Transmittance after abrasion
88.17 º (-18%) Partial degradation 91-92% (slight degradation)
UV exposure resistance (500 hours) − WCA after UV exposure − Transmittance after UV exposure
98.7º (-7%) Low degradation 92-93% (no impact)
High temperature (85ºC) and High Humidity (85%) exposure resistance (1000 hours): − WCA after HT and HH exposure − Transmittance after HT and HH exposure
84º (-21%) Partial degradation 92-93% (slight improvement)
Thermal cycling resistance (-40ºC to 85ºC) − WCA after thermal cycling − Transmittance after thermal cycling
102 º (-4%) Low degradation 92-93% (no impact)

Visualising Hydrophobicity

hydrophobic diagram
hydrophobic solar panel coating
hydrophobic solar coating

Visualising Anti Reflectiveness

solar panel glass diagram
hydrophobic solar panel coating
solar panel diagram

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