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Research And Development

Continuing research & development is the foundation that underpins Solar Sharc®. We have adopted a collaborative approach to R&D by engaging and working with key enterprises. Ingenuity, invention and a unique materials by design pathway has facilitated the creation of Solar Sharc®.

Route map

Improvement of current materials or development of new materials subject to industrial needs.

Design, development, testing, safety assessments and upscaling of the specific materials.

Identification and assessment of potential regulatory, economic and technical barriers.

Market outreach studies.

Commercial viability.


Materials with new functions, features, capabilities and processing.

Association of dissimilar materials.

Adoption of processing techniques.

Optimisation of process parameters.

Continuous Development

The technology that underpins the Solar Sharc® coating has been recognised as having broader applications. Key attributes including durability, hydrophobicity & oleophobicity amongst others lend Solar Sharc® to application within other industries such as automotive, marine & aerospace. This can be demonstrated through the use of Solar Sharc® in current R&D for a passive Ice repellent coating for the aviation industry.

Ambition / Aspiration

Looking beyond State-of-Art.

Pulling of disruptive technologies.

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