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Opus Materials Technologies

Opus Materials Technologies is a forward thinking & progressive company whose aim is to facilitate the industrial adoption of innovative materials technologies. With capabilities ranging from materials design, synthesis and supply chain establishment Opus Materials Technologies can provide a complete service in the development and establishment of novel bespoke materials.

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Onyx Solar

Onyx Solar is a global company developing smart solar solutions for Building Integrated Photovoltaics (BIPV). We are an international, global-thinking company offering local solutions, tailored to each client in all around the world.


A unique combination of technological infrastructure and expertise in R&D for R&D to meet the demands of the energy transition.

LITEN is a major European research institute and a driving force behind the development of the sustainable energy technologies of the future. The institute is spearheading the EU’s efforts to limit dependency on fossil fuels and reduce greenhouse gas emissions in three key areas : renewable energy, energy efficiency/storage and development of materials.

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TWI helps organisations all over the world achieve their most critical objectives, through successful application of joining technologies and ancillary operations support. We can work with you to implement and optimise your processes and product performance – so you in turn can offer maximum value to your customers.

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Millidyne is an innovative materials technology company providing advanced coating materials and surface treatment technologies for customers in the metal, electronics, construction and process industries.


ARCTIC (Advanced Resins and Coatings Technologies Innovation Centre) is one of the innovation centres between London South Bank University and TWI, and is located at the TWI headquarters in Cambridge. ARCTIC has been created to carry out fundamental research and development in the field of advanced functional materials (coatings and composites) together with novel polymer recycling technologies. The mission of ARCTIC is to establish a world-class research centre offering high-quality research with an industrial focus, in a creative and innovative environment. ARCTIC researchers are currently developing durable, transparent and highly repellent coating technologies for the aerospace and renewable power sectors. Novel materials by design approaches are being established to reduce the time from discovery to development and to assist industrial adoption.

Horizon 2020

Innovation is fostered when new ideas can emerge and easily translate into socio-economic value. Working together, partners with complementary backgrounds, knowledge and skills, and in new and established value-chains, can turn these ideas into sustainable innovative products, processes and services that both address societal challenges and/or are highly competitive in global markets. FTI aims to accelerate this commercialisation process by providing extended funding opportunities through an open and agile scheme nurturing bottom-up ideas from innovative constituencies across Europe.

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